We wanted farmers to feel
extra safe, so we did the following things since the public launch:

  • 1

    locked under our
    multi-sig treasury.

  • 2

    KYC and Audit
    done with Assure
    and Spade Audits.

  • 3

    $MILK is just the
    beginning, a lot
    more to come!

A quick look at our road-map and
what's coming next.

Our yield-farming cows are just the first step of our vision.

Yield-Farming platform
and $MILK Token

Buy Cows using MILK to earn a lifetime passive income. Currently generating 4% daily interest, 1416% APR.

P2E Farming Game

Our first game and introduction into the GameFi world. Buy Farm Land, upgrade it, and generate passive income. Each Farm Land is an NFT that can be traded on an in-house marketplace.

Battle-Cows NFTs

Battle-Cows will be unique and rare NFTs. Users will be able to battle other players in many different ways. A more active and fun way to earn income.

More to be announced

The games will be upgraded and updated as we keep developing new features. We are aiming to build an ecosystem for everyone, with completely passive ways to generate yield, and more active and fun ways to interact with our platform.